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Because everyone makes use of free advertising, leads and softwares it is effectively being transformed into ’GDI’ service payments and legitimate monthly incomes for you and everyone else in your team.

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A company called Global Domains International (a.k.a. GDI) has taken the webhosting industry by storm. They have exclusive rights to the .ws domain, and it is becoming widely accepted as the international ’website’ domain. Yahoo, Intel, AT&T and Cisco, amongst many others, have .ws domains. GDI are a solid and respectable 500 Inc. company...

You will get $1.00 every month, for every referral to GDI. The beauty is, that goes 5 Levels Deep. So if you only manage to refer 4 people in your first month. And those 4 people refer only 4 people, and so on (down to 5 levels)...

Your monthly income from then on will be:


Getting 4 referrals is easy. My target for everyone - and consistently proven using the ’softwares’ alone - is 6 sign-ups. If everyone got just 6 sign-ups each, you would receive a monthly income of:


And you don’t have to stop there!

Use the income calculator to see what’s possible with just a little more effort.

How can I be sure this is not a scam?

I am not asking you for money or any of your personal details. You will only ever need to provide personal details to GDI. Well established and widely respected global company. You are simply leveraging the services they have to offer, to build an income for yourself very easily.

How can you be certain this will work?

Most folks give up on GDI because they struggle to find an effective way to get referrals and be consistent. I am certain you will be successful because the softwares will get you at least 6 sign-ups. That’s proven. But I go further than that and give you my most effective paid advertising method with return on investment, if you want to build your GDI network much much faster.

So let’s recap: This is FREE to join... You are given this powerful duplicating website... You promote it with up to $1000’s in free advertising. Everyone who joins under you does the same. You get paid monthly for the rest of your life. It’s that simple...

" sly dog. For the past week I've been checking my account, and near every day I get signups. I can see my 8 recruits, and their recruits.. and their recruits pulling $1s in for me like lightening!!! I'm stoked on what's gonna happen in months!"

J. Caspian
Texas, United States

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GDI will give you a $100.00 bonus for every 5 new paid referrals within each week - and you can get that bonus with your free advertising, leads and softwares.

Can you see why this is such an incredible trick? You will be paid to build a monthly income for yourself.

I know this sounds too good to be true. But it works because as a team we are repeatedly and legitimate using free advertising. Which gets transformed into monthly incomes for everyone who takes up this simple risk-free opportunity.

Unlike most ’opportunities’ on the Internet, this is genuine, safe, and easy to set up
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IMPORTANT: If you already have a Global Domains International (GDI) account and you did not sign-up for GDI under a WSProfits member, then you could have your spouse or if you have a LLC or Corporation Business with a seperate EIN then you can sign-up using the company information. GDI has told us that you are allowed 1 account per person and 1 business account (as long as the business has a seperate EIN). Checks from GDI would be payable to the Company name.

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